Thursday, November 26, 2015

Scandinavian Special

Some top fresh indie tracks, as well as great new songs coming off that Scandinavian ice flow. Zara Larsson is young pop princess whose music sounds like it came right off your summer playlist. Mans Zelmerlow was the Eurovision winner this year from Sweden. His wining song, Heroes, has a lot of potential for the US dance market, I think it is just a remix away from being a huge hit here. Seinabo Sey released her full album Pretend, its fantastic and full of deep vocals and strong song writing.

Lets Dance in the Rain

For those long rainy November days a mix of songs to get you off your couch and tapping your feet to - a mix of old and new. Dance the cloudy days away.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Electronica 101

Electronic music is a passion of mine, I wish I had the skills to make it, but i nevertheless enjoy listening to it. This playlist is an introduction to all the different kinds of electronic music I like:
trance, techno, trip hop, tropical house, indietronica, electro swing, and all different subgenera. I really want to highlight Mura Masa, a young 19 year old electronic producer from the UK. I think his music is really unique, when listening to his songs you can hear the emotional charge of his work and how personal it is to him. His music truly represents the cutting edge and the emergence of a new electronica sub-genre 'future'. I suggest checking out his albums they are both on Spotify.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Funky Reprieve

I love funk and RnB, I always try to have one radio show a semester entirely dedicated to the genre and as this was that show. Included in this playlist are a lot of old classics from those funky days gone by, as well as some 90s and early 00s RnB and a very special feature band on the playlist Ripe. Ripe is a dance pop funk outfit from Boston; they have played a gigs all over Boston and New England (even two gigs at Trinity College). They are great live act and they recently released a new album called "Hey Hello": it is the perfect album to let loose to and enjoy your night. Get ready to put your dancing shoes on.

Distraction Abstraction

This week I have tried to bring you guys a diverse collection of up and coming artists Botany, Myke Terry, and FAM. This is a very eclectic playlist with everything from singer/songwriter music to experimental hip hop and some modern soul. In some ways this playlist is a little distracted, but it will keep you on your toes as you move from genre to genre.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Perfect Chilly Afternoon

This is the perfect playlist for a chilly afternoon, co-hosted with new DJ at WRTC Sophie Prince this playlist is entirely slow, pleasant, soft rock tunes. If you need a playlist for homework or curling up in a large chair with a warm blanket on a cold winter day - this is the playlist you have been waiting for.
Spotlight artists: Lo- Fang, Gabe Bondoc, and Kwabs.

TJ & OG Take The World!

This was a 3 hour show that TJ Lee and I covered during a long weekend at College. Our initial theme was all throwbacks, but with so much time to fill we expanded it a bit. This playlist is filled with middle school dance classics, sweet singer songwriter ballads, and the coolest new indie rock and electronica. I want to thank TJ for his fantastic DJ skills and for some of the best radio banter ever heard on WRTC.