Thursday, September 24, 2015

Ghost Of A Chance - RAC mix

Ghost of a Chance- RAC mix by Young & Sick

This remix is a fantastic rework of a very artistic track. The original track has a much more sultry and dreamy tone, with some hard electric chords and strange synth sections. I think the remix makes the track much more listenable to the general public. RAC brings it usual magic to the remix, having it be exactly that a remix or reimagining of the original song rather than just layering dance beats on the track. RAC changes many of the synths parts to guitar sounds which really brings the track into it's own.  This is a remix to play with your  friends as you enjoy the last of the summer weather, and we say goodbye to the fun electro pop which has been all over the billboards this summer, in favor of the doc martins and rock which come with the cooling weather.

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