Wednesday, September 23, 2015

September 22nd Marathon Radio Show

A new year, a new time slot.

The beginning of a new school year at Trinity College means a few things for the college radio station WRTC: training new student djs, changing schedules, and most importantly the fundraising marathon. The marathon runs for 2 weeks every year in early fall, it is the only time of year that we ask for any money from our listeners, and now, more than ever, we rely on their backing to keep us on the air doing what we do best.

This was the first time we have had students contribute to producing the marathon programing. I was pretty excited to get on the radio waves a little earlier than normal and try and raise some money. We managed to get a few callers to call in and make donations which I was very pleased about. 
With my playlist for this show I just wanted to ease into the radio year with some great music. The first half of the playlist is a lot of new songs I have been enjoying recently, the second half is some old favorites that I never get tired of.

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